About Us

The purpose of this fundraiser is to purchase and develop new land for Tuleeni Orphans Home. We are helping them overcome their poverty and reduce their reliance on international donations by focusing on sustainability, education, and income generating projects.

Tuleeni Orphans Home is located in Rau Village, Tanzania. It was founded by Flaria “Mama” Faraji after years of taking care of orphaned children in her home. She eventually ran out of space in her modest home for all of the children that landed themselves at her doorstep, so in 2005, with the help of a volunteer, Mama Faraji rented a small facility that is known to all as Tuleeni, which fittingly means “care for us” in Swahili.

There are currently 78 children living at Tuleeni. Actually, Tuleeni has outgrown the facility in the recent years and so some of the children sleep 2-3 per bed, with the older boys staying in the front room that overlooks the yard. The babies and youngsters live just down the road with Mama Faraji and her husband. In addition to all of the kids that live at Tuleeni, there are another 29 children living somewhere else (many in Uru, Tanzania, where the new land is located), similar to a foster placement, with extended families, that she helps support financially.

Many of the children attend primary and secondary schools throughout Moshi and put through school with donations from people like you!